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Athagarh, My Heartland

This post exactly doesn't connect to the soul on which tripography lives on, but it attempts to provide a fresh perspective of our serene and beautiful Indian villages.....Read More

Most of us would associate the city of Sambalpur in western Odisha with the world famous Hirakud Dam, Sambalpuri saree or the burning cauldron it becomes during summers.....Read More

Rarely is the journey to the destination is more enthralling than the place itself. Trip to Gopalpur from Bhubaneswar is one such unique experience,.....Read More

Renunciation of worldly desires, freedom from vexation and liberation from ignorance are the three pillars of “Nirvana” – a term which is commonly used in Buddhism.....Read More

As surprising as it may seem, this quaint little town in Odisha is known "only" for its port. Few would recognize it for its amazing stretch of beach, a unique Jaganath temple,.....Read More

Situated on the lifeline of Odisha - River Mahanadi, this 11th century Shiva Temple is connected to the main land by a magnificent foot bridge..........Read More

The famous Sun Temple, Konark might have been captured, expressed and described in innumerable articles, photos, catalogues etc. but few have portrayed the beauty of the road.......Read More

Nestled in a small obscure village of Sasanga in Badamba district of Odisha, Bhattarika temple overlooks the mighty river Mahanadi.......Read More

Leaning Temple, Huma

Lord Buddha, Udaigiri

Sunrise, Gopalpur Beach

Rock Beach, Paradip

Suspension Bridge, Dhabaleswar

Konark Temple

Mahanadi, Bhattarika