Shivrinarayan Temple - A Legend or Myth?

Who was Shabari? Did lord Rama really eat berry fruits from Shabari at Shivrinarayan? Are the floating stones a reality or a myth? You may find some of the answers to these questions, when you visit Shivrinarayan​....Read More

Cherrapunji - The Day It Did Not Rain

Dhanushkodi - No Man's Land

Serene and untouched, this beautiful small hill town is nestled among the magnificent Nilgiri Hills. Just a few....Read More

Declared a ghost town (a place unfit to live) in 1964, after the super cyclone that struck this flourishing town, Dhanushkodi now can be visited only in broad daylight and....Read More

tripography  - " To Travel is to Live"

Gangtok - A Cosmo Paradise

Kochi - A Blend of Culture and Scenic Beauty

Kodaikanal - Princess of Hill Stations

Connoor - Solace Redefined

Kerala's commercial hub and "hearthrob" Kochi is an ideal place to visit if one is looking for an amalgamation of urban experience ....Read More

One of my most cherished destination has to be Kodaikanal. To be very frank, I never expected this place ....Read More